TINATAMES nerd love

You came in the door with your leather loafers clomping, the crease in your khakis crisp, your sweater vest clashing with your shirt and tie. Your glasses were so thick I swear they could be used as riot shields. You stumbled on the way to the vacant seat in the front of the room, the one no one else would take, right in front of the prof, and your bag dropped with a reverberating WHOMP! When the lecture began, your scramble to find your notebook was anything but inconspicuous, and your calculator clattered over the floor, a lonely escaped explorer. I was happy to try to ignore you until the professor asked for a volunteer equation-solver, and you sprang up like clockwork. I looked on, amused, ready for you to act a fool, until you took the chalk in hand like a sword and fought the equation to a grisly death, confidence in every single screeching symbol drawn. I stared at you in wonder and knew:

This guy is swag, personified.

A special thanks to The WC Walrus (http://thewcwalrus.wordpress.com) and Writer’s Community for inspiration.


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