TINATAMES nerdy poetry

The EPR Paradox

Three old men

sit on a park bench.

Their names are Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen.

Sometimes there is a fourth.

His name is Schrödinger.

But you can never be certain that he’ll be there,

since he and Einstein get along like two angry cats in a box

because they disagree about if deities can deal in dice.

Three old men

(or four, we can’t know until we look)

sitting on a park bench.

Leering at couples, fingers entangled, enjoying the springtime.

Pondering the mysteries of the universe.

There is a probability that you may find them playing chess

on a fine day,

but probability is like a wave.

You can never know the ways it may flow.

Three old men on a park bench.

The greatest minds on earth.

But right now they are thinking about love,

and that doesn’t involve the brain.

This post was partially inspired by the movie I.Q., which is about Einstein’s niece. Please tell me what you think! I welcome feedback.Image


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